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Form (Shih) Practice

I breathe in deeply
Then exhale—
My form begins inside that breath
I bow to show courtesy and respect to the masters before me.
I am ready
Patiently waiting— for this event
I am anxiously expecting— what is to come
Anticipating—the moment
Physically I am in your presence
Mentally connected to my higher self
I am in the Zone.
I see you watching me through my periphery vision
I hear them coming trying to destroy what God has placed inside me
I will not be dismayed
They attack
I counter back swiftly
Fiercely striking each one simultaneously
Kicking and punching with intensity
My veins simmering with energy
Reaching 100 degrees Celsius
I EXHALE, HA!! While fighting
This force resounds through the century
Surrounding them specifically
Bringing heathens to their knees easily—
Defeating them intentionally
Now you see— the true-- Me.
Confusing it seems, seeing
Not believing he, could be
Only THE Chinese do Kung Fu—
Like that.
But seeing is believing
And once you know
You can never not know
The Truth.
It hurts you deeply
Like the wrath I inflict
Numerous strikes
Piercing the core of their being
Punishing your perception of reality
Painfully awakening the realization of your new interpretation
You can Never not know—
I EXHALE, HA!! Still fighting
Releasing truth into the universe
Causing imbalances on Earth
Vitality resonating within— me.
Bursting from my Chi
Freeing itself from my mouth
Invading your privacy—
Projecting into your safe space-
In your face
Into your—breath.
You misstep
Watching me
Do My—Thing
Frozen by my intensity
Consciously you are amazed fully
Seeing demons dusted by my fury
Fighting fiercely
Relentlessly I punish them.
Over and Over—again
Now ending as I began
I bow to show courtesy.

Inspired By: Catharine Cummings (Instructor of Shotokan Karate)
Re-Written By: Sifu Kevin Miller