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Why do private lessons?

Private lessons can give you that extra one on one quality time with the head instructor to assure a fast paste way of teaching you how to master your fighting techniques, empty hand forms or weapons. It gives you the opportunity to master the art of Kung Fu faster.

Is it worth doing private lessons?

The head instructor is up front and personal in helping you achieve great improvement with your goal whether it is protecting yourself, learning forms and weapons or wanting to lose weight and get into better shape. Although the head instructor will push you to your limit in order to see where you’re at, he will also work with you so that you can achieve a higher result.

Why are private lessons expensive?

Although Bei Shaolin Kung Fu spends a lot of quality time making corrections on students in group sections, it is immoral for them to only focus on the one student since they all pay about the same in membership fees. Because it is the instructor’s time, his time is worth more than money. With money you can get it back but time is the only thing no one can ever get back in life just as the seconds it took for you to read these questions and statements, you can’t ever go back and get that time back; it has already passed by.

How expensive are private lessons?

If a student comes to the school, the private lessons are basically $1 a minute with the minimum being 30-60 minutes. If the instructor drives to the student’s house, the lesson is a flat rate of $100 an hour.

Can I choose any time or days I want my private lessons on?

Any private lesson student can choose any days or time they want provided it doesn’t conflict with any regular class times that the head instructor teaches or any other private lessons booked. If it isn’t a regularly scheduled private lesson, it will be on a first come first serve basis.

What determines a regular scheduled private lesson?

Any student who has more than 2 scheduled private lessons every week are regulars.

Do I get discounted on my private lessons if I am a regular private lesson student?

All students who have regular private lesson every week will get a $10 discount of every lesson. If the instructor has a student that he travels to more than 3 times a week on a regular basis, he will discount $20 off each private lesson.

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