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Traditional Weapons



Basic Beginner Level
White / Yellow / Orange Sash:

1. Fundamental Stance work
2. Fundamental Arm work
3. Fundamental Leg work
4. 1 and 2 Step Forms
5. Long Fist Training Drills 1 & 2

1. Basic footwork, punching, blocking and kicking Techniques
2. Long Fist Training Drills 3, 4, 5 & 6
3. Tan Tui Twelve (12 Road Springing Legs Form)
4. Lian


Bu Chuan (Consecutive Steps Boxing Form)
5. Basic Tui Sou (Fighting Forms) 1, 2 & 3
6. Right Hand/Right Leg Self Defense Methods
7. Level 1 sparring

Intermediate Level
Green / Blue / Purple Sash:

1. Basic footwork, punching, blocking and kicking Techniques
2. Gung Li Chuan (Power Boxing Form)
3. Shaolin Chi Mei Quan (Eye Brow Staff Form)
4. Chin Na 18 Joint manipulation techniques
5. Basic Tui Sou 4, 5, 6 & 7
6. Left Hand/Left Leg Self Defense Methods
7. Self Defense Methods against the Club
8. Level 2 sparring

1. Intermediate footwork, punching, blocking and kicking methods
2. Yi Lu Mai Fu (First Road Ambush Defense Form)
3. Er Lu Mai Fu (Second Road Ambush Defense Form)
4. Shaolin Darn Dao (Basic Shaolin Saber Form)
5. Basic Two Man Fighting Set
6. Intermediate Tui Sou 1, 2 & 3
7. Right and Left Hand/Leg Combination Self Defense Methods
8. Self Defense Methods against the Knife
9. Level 3 sparring
10. First Level Iron Palm


Advanced Level
Red Sash:
1. Xiao Hu Yan (Little Tiger Swallow Form)
2. Mei Hua Mai Fu Chuan (Plum Flower Ambush Defense Form)
3. 5 Tigers Killing the Lamb Staff Form
4. Intermediate Tui Sou 4, 5, 6, 7
5. Level 4 sparring
6. Self Defense Methods against Multiple Assailants – Front and Back
7. Self Defense Methods against the Gun
8. 36 Joint Manipulation Techniques
9. 9 Wrestling Techniques
**Assistant Instructor Certification**
Red & Yellow Sash:
1. Advanced footwork, punching, blocking and kicking methods
2. Yet Ching Chuan (Monk Yet Ching's Form)
3. Shi Tzu Tang (Cross Way Form)
4. 5 Tigers Kill the Lamb Saber Form
5. Staff vs Staff Fighting Set
6. Self Defense Methods against Multiple Assailants – Side to Side
7. Level 5 Sparring
8. Second Level Iron Palm
Red & Green Sash:
1. Mei Hua Di Tang (Plum Flower Break-Fall Form)
2. Tai Tzu Chang Chuan # 1 (Emperor Tai Tzu's First Longfist Boxing Form)
3. Shaolin Spear Form
4. San Cai Chien (Three Powers Sword Form)
5. 72 Joint Manipulation Techniques
6. 18 Wrestling Techniques
7. Saber vs Saber Fighting Set
8. Self Defense: Defending the Front Corners
9. Level 6 sparring
Red & Blue Sash:
1. Tai Tzu Chang Chuan # 2 (Emperor Tai Tzu's Second Longfist Boxing Form)
2. Cha Chuan #4 (4 Sides; 4 Corners Boxing Form)
3. 4 Ways of Running Saber Form
4. Kun Wu Chien (Kun Wu Sword Form)
5. Advanced 2 Man Fighting Set
6. 36 Wrestling Techniques
7. Self Defense: Defending the Back Corners
8. Level 7 Sparring
**Instructor Certification**
Black Sash Degree Levels
Black and White Sash:
1. Fan Zi Chuan (Rotating Boxing Form)
2. Mei Hua Chuan (Plum Flower Form)
3. Shaolin Enchanted Staff Form
4. Sword vs Sword Fighting Set
5. Level 8 – San Sou
6. Level Three Iron Palm
7. Self Defense: Defending the 4 Sides and 4 Corners Simultaneously
8. Self Defense Methods in the Down Position
Black and Yellow Sash:
1. Mi Zong Chuan (Lost Track Boxing Form)
2. Chi Men Chien (Chi Family Sword Form)
3. Chi Dong Bei Spear Form
4. Saber and Shield Form
5. Sword vs Spear Fighting Set
6. Level 9 – San Sou
Black and Green Sash:
1. Kwan Do Form
2. Tai Tzu Short Staff Form
3. Spear vs Kwan Do Fighting Set
4. Double Hooks Form
5. Applied Chin Na and Counters against Single/Multiple Assailants
6. Level 10 – San Sou
Black and Blue Sash:
1. Applied Shuai Jow and Counters against Single/Multiple Opponents
2. The Study of the Vascular System and Martial Application
3. The Study of the Nervous System and Martial Application
4. The Study of the Skeletal System and Martial Application
5. Understanding the 2 Vessels and 12 Meridians
6. Advanced Chi Gong/Nei Gong (Tortoise Crane Style)
7. 72 vital Striking Points and 36 Lethal Striking Points
Master Level
Black and Red Sash:

After completing the above curriculum, students are required to further excel in one or several of the areas below to become certified as a Master Instructor:

*Develop ones San Sou fighting to a high level

*Complete and master the 5 essential levels of Chin Na

*Develop one's internal energy to a level that meets the governing board’s approval

*Teach the Bei Shaolin curriculum for ten consecutive years with the approval of the governing board