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History on the Memphis Location

In October of 1995, Bei Shaolin Kung Fu Institute (BSKFI) was formed by master (Sifu) Kevin Miller under the blessing of his teacher grandmaster Andrew Lee in Chicago. After arriving back to Memphis from Chicago around July of 1995, Sifu Kevin Miller went back to his old school where he was instructing at Golden Talon Kung Fu to attempt to help his former teacher rebuild his school again. While he was there he made an agreement with his former teacher to allow him to teach the Shaolin Boxing system for himself in return for teaching and rebuilding his school back up to where it was before Sifu Kevin started training in Chicago. After two months later, he had heard about relocation for Golden talon Kung fu but he new he it was time to depart from his former teacher. He only had about 4 students at the time! He found a new location at the Memphis Center of Gymnastics where he subleased space for three years. Once the three years were about up, Sifu Kevin Miller looked for a better place to teach out of until he found a place at 4493 Summer Ave where he was able to lease the building for three years. The school grew from around 12 students to around 24 students. It was a great place to have a school. After the three years were about up at the 4493 Summer Ave. location, he had to look for another location for the school. He found out that the building they were in was being bought by the martial arts store that was next door to them. In September of 2001, Sifu Kevin Miller and another very reliable student of his found their new location at 3758 Summer Ave. It is a free standing building with lots of potential growth. The School looks small on the outside but it’s big on the inside. Although the numbers are small, since then BSKFI has grown to over 35 students.