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Bei Shaolin Kung Fu Institute: your path to a better life


When the people of Memphis come to Bei Shaolin Kung Fu Institute to learn martial arts, they don’t just receive training, but a staff that is dedicated to helping them improve themselves.

 Mission Statement

Our Mission is to promote traditional martial arts in its purity. Develop upright citizens, develop courage and teach discipline to our students. To encourage students to be the best they can be physically, mentally, and spiritually. We teach traditional Forms and weapon training, street self-defense that is effective, sparring, grappling, joint manipulation, and internal kung fu, Traditional Shaolin Kungfu , Plum Flower Fist, Sanda/San Shou, Chi Na, Tai Chi, and Nei Gong and Qigong.  While it is also crucial to guide them with moral, and Godly values.

Martial arts instruction in Memphis

Our instructors are expertly trained martial artists and experienced teachers. No matter what level a person has achieved, there is always more knowledge to gain and ways to refine one’s techniques. That is why our instructors continue to educate themselves in their martial art traditions. They understand that being able to impart knowledge is not a simple process. It requires keen observations about individuals and how they receive information, so you can make slight changes quickly to facilitate learning.

We are very proud of the courses we offer the people of Memphis and we welcome you to try one to see why Bei Shaolin Kung Fu Institute is the right choice for martial arts practitioners

When the Head Instructor, Sifu Kevin Miller formed Bei Shaolin Kung Fu Institute in Memphis, he did so with the intention to make it a family oriented school. The school is not only structured around; self-defense techniques (punching, kicking blocking, throwing, grappling, etc.), empty hand and weapon forms (sequence of pattern movements), stretching, and dynamic exercises but it is structured around the family. The head instructor has a sincere heart towards the students and parents of the students who train at BSKFI.


What we stand for?
Bei Shaolin Chuan Far means – Northern Little Forrest or Young Woods Fighting Methods

B-Bold - don’t be afraid to try new positive things.
E-Encourage - be positive and carry out tasks so that you can help to inspire others.
I -Implement - (#1) - set out to reach your goals. 

S-Sincerity - be truthful, be real, and be yourself.
H-Honor – strive to achieve a good name by earning respect and merit from others.
A-Attitude - if you think positive and be around positive people, you will become positive.
O-Outstanding - in a positive way stand out before others, to shine.
L-Leadership - always strive to become a leader in order to help others.
I -Implement – (#2) - carry out anything positive that you start by putting it into action.
N-Nonviolence - don’t provoke violence, avoidance is the key.

W-Worthiness - being worthy of others and of your training, shows your worth.
A -Advancement - further yourself from where you are in training as well as in life.
R -Respect - being courteous and respectful of others will encourage them to do the same.
R -Righteousness - living right in life by replacing sinful acts with good deeds.
I  -Improvement - always strive to improve you.
O-Originality - be the first to come up with an idea.
R-Regulate – always keep balance in your training as well as in your life.
S-Strive - strive to succeed by pushing for excellence to set goals so that you can reach them and always move forward toward new goals.

C-Confidence - have faith in yourself, be certain with self-assurance in what you do.
H-Humility - be modest, not arrogant or boastful.
U-Uniqueness - be original, remember there is only one you, you are unique.
A-Awareness - always be aware of your surroundings.
N-Niceness - treat others as you want to be treated, being nice to others can send a reaction for others to be nice to you.
F-First - strives to become number #1, be the best that you can be.
A-Acknowledge - take notice in your improvements, remember how far you’ve come.
R-Readiness - always be ready and willing to learn new things that can improve your life.